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If you are an employer with openings suitable for a military lawyer who is about to retire from active duty, or someone with previous service as a military lawyer, please post details of any appointment here. To advertise, we would ask that you use the Postings form provided to ensure that the right information is supplied. For more information about what it costs, please contact the webmaster.

Please note: (a) Aspals provide no endorsement of positions offered, nor of the competence or suitability of applicants therefor; (b) No appointment will be published if it seeks to discriminate on grounds of colour, race, religion, sex, age or sexual orientation or is in any way, in our opinion, unsuitable.

For those responding to advertised posts, please do so directly and not through Aspals. However, we would be grateful to learn of successful placements. Please remember to mention us when you apply.

If you follow the Aspals Consultancy on LinkedIn, you will find a selection of jobs posted there from time to time.

Aspals Consultancy Service

To find out more about how we can help you, please visit the information page or contact us by eMailing your query to:

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