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Court-Martial System - Changes

History The background to the changes, the abolition of the convening officer, the creation of the independent Army Prosecuting Authority, the Summary Appeal Court, custody hearings, greater role for judges advocate, unduly lenient sentences, membership of courts-martial, wasted costs etc.
Useful publications for practitioners.

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (1)

Armed Forces Discipline Act 2000 Introduced changes to the summary dealing process, including bail and the right to appeal the CO's finding and/or award to a compliant tribunal

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (2)

Armed Forces Act 2001 Details of the provisions that are in force, with links to relevant SIs. This is an important piece of legislation and introduces, among other things, powers of stop and search and entry search and seizure, wasted costs, appeal against unduly lenient sentences.

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (3)

Armed Forces Act 2006 This legislation effected major change to the three services' disciplinary and administrative systems by "harmonising" them. There is now one body of law for offences and a new system for dealing with redress of individual grievances. It is a most significant piece of legislation. The link leads to the explanatory notes to the Act.

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (4)

Armed Forces Act 2011 Legislation introducing the Armed Forces Covenant and some minor changes to the 2006 Act.

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (5)

Armed Forces Act 2016 Minor changes to the 2006 Act, eg dealing with DSPA charging and alcohol and drugs tests.

Court-Martial System - Further Changes (6)

Armed Forces Act 2021 Changes to the Constitution of the Court Martial; appointment of Circuit judges to sit as judge advocates; power for CO and the SAC to rectify mistakes; power of commanding officer to award service detention to RM Corporals; Concurrent Jurisdiction; Driving disqualification Order ...

Court-Martial System - Military Trial

What Happens Layout of the court, dress before, how to address the judge advocate.

Court-Martial System -Types of Military Court

The Three Main Types Explanations of the three main types of military court (the court-martial; Summary Appeal Court and the Standing Civilian Court) composition and applicable rules.

Court Martial News

Updates Page Latest News about the functioning of the Court Martial; JAG policy

Frequently Asked Questions

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Links Index

Index Group Headings of Links on this page, as detailed below
Military Both Legal and Non-Legal Links
UK Courts-Martial Changes Made. Summary of Procedures before. Pointers and links for practitioners.
Types of Military Court Descriptions of the General Court-Martial; District Court-Martial; Summary Appeal Court and Standing Civilian Court. Useful advice for defence practitioners.
International Both Military and Non-Military Legal Links, including Human Rights and Geneva Law materials.
Non-UK Domestic A few links of general interest.
UK Legal Domestic Links Lawyer search tools, judgments published on the web, links to legal publishers and other sites of interest.
Operational Links to Op Law texts (including Geneva conventions)
Other Useful Links Some for amusement
Next Assignment Vacancies for ex-Military Lawyers
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Military Justice Handbook

Options A practical and very readable guide to the Service Justice System. Ideal for court martial practitioners, commanding officers and law students

Military News

Latest news What is happening in the military legal world

News Page

The Press Latest stories from the press and media, updated regularly


Practitioner Links Links for the Court-Martial Practitioner, from access to the Manual of Service Law to the key legislation, Sentencing Guides and other important documents.

Reading List

Aspals List A list of interesting articles relating to international and military legal matters

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Sounding Board - Discontinued

Archive Older Sounding Board Queries and comments may be found here. The archive will be removed in the event of shortage of web space.

War Crimes

1 QLR The prosecutions resulting from the death of Baha Musa and the infliction of injury on other Iraqi prisoners in QLR custody with him.
1 RRF The first trials of British soldiers for abuse of Iraqi prisoners and the only ones to result in convictions.
Marines 'A', 'B', and 'C' Captured Taliban fighter, murdered in Afghanistan by Marine 'A'.
Wheelhouse and Leader Captured suspected Taliban fighter, Mohammad Ekhlas, struck with rigid rubber boot.

YouTube Channel

Multi-Media A selection of multi-media files on inter alia deception and other topics of interest

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