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Transcripts of the Crown's opening and of some of the evidence given at the court-martial (incomplete)
3 Para ruling by JAG
Ruling of No Case to answer by Judge Blackett
Accountability of Armed Private Contractors
Controversy over the rise of private armed contracting - one of the most distinctive operational developments of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Administrative Guidance for the submission and processing of Redress of Grievance, under s.180 AA 55 (for complaints before 1 Jan 2008) - superseded by JSP 831
Al-Sweady Inquiry Report
Access the full 4-part report and Executive Summary of the Inquiry into the "Danny Boy" incident and aftermath.
Ann Lyon article
Jury system compared with court-martial system. Article by Ann Lyon in Crim LR November 2005
. Army Act 1955
A copy of the former legislation applicable to the British Army, with updates to 2004
. Army Board Cases, Minute
Minute disclosed to Major Antony Jack by the Directorate of Service Personnel Policy Service Conditions, MoD
. Army Rules of Procedure 1926
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SRO 989/1926, Extracted from the Manual of Military Law 1929 Reprinted for Use in the Canadian Army
Belize - Post Independence Agreement With UK
Exchange of Notes between the UK Government and the Government of Belize concerning the continuing presence in Belize of UK Armed Forces Belmopan, 1 December 1981
. Blair, 29092010 - Note
Note to Prime Minister Tony Blair, 18 January 2002
. Boards of Inquiry
The Board Of Inquiry (Army) Rules 1956
Brereton Report
Inquiry (redacted) into alleged serious misconduct by Australia’s Special Forces in Afghanistan, potentially disclosing war crimes.
British Army and Homosexuality
The British Army and Homosexuality, by Stephen Deakin Ph.D. MBA. Cert. Ed
. British Military Ethos And Christianity
Published as: "British Military Ethos and Christianity", British Army Review No 138. Winter 2005. pp. 97-105, Dr Stephen Deakin
. CIA Response to Torture Report
A detailed response signed off by Director Brennan, to the Senate Committee Report on Torture. Redacted. Published December 2014
. Clearing the Fog of Law
Michael Fallon MP
. Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report concerning torture, extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogation. Published in December 2014
. Complementarity ICC Admissibility Challenges
A Critical Review of the ICC's Recent Practice Concerning Admissibility Challenges and Complementarity - 2012
. Consolidated Guidance to Intelligence Officers and Service Personnel on Detention
Consolidated Guidance to Intelligence Officers and Service Personnel on the Detention and Interviewing of Detainees Overseas, and on the Passing and Receipt of Intelligence Relating to Detainees
. Corrigenda.txt
Amendment to article by Col Parks on Non-Standard uniforms
. Cyprus - Planned Turkish Invasion, 1964
Letter from President Lyndon B. Johnson to Turkish Prime Minister Inonu, 5 June 1964
. DALS deployment brief (old)
Presentation on key legal issues for Afghanistan, use of force, Shooting Incident Reviews, Detainee treatment, Personal and Command Responsibility. UNCLASSIFIED
. Data protection and transborder data flow
Data Protection and Transborder Data Flow in the European and Global Context, by Lingjie Kong
. Democratic Accountabilty
The legal responsibility of military Personnel, by Robert C. R. Siekmann
. Dinnel-CMAC
Successful Prosecution Appeal Hearing before the CMAC concerning the Terminating Ruling made by JAG. The court expressed concern at remarks made by JAG about the complainant.
. Dinnel Ruling
Terminating ruling by JAG in the case of Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) DINNELL.
. DoD Military Commissions
US Military Commission Order No. 1, War Against Terrorism
. Dog on a Leash
Conceptual Thoughts On Rules Of Engagement
. Douma CW attack
Whistleblower report that the OPCW report on the alleged poison gas attack in Douma is not true
. Essays in memory of Hilaire McCoubray
A selection of papers on themes of interest to the late Prof Hilaire McCoubrey
. F-35 Lightning Service Inquiry
The F-35 accident report – a reality check for UK Carrier Strike. The F-35B aircraft ZM152, flown by an RN pilot was attempting to take off from the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth for a training sortie. Due to a protective engine blank being left in the intake duct the engine was only able to generate 55% of the thrust needed for the aircraft to take off from the ski ramp.
. Gaza comparative analysis 20100810
Comparative Analysis Of Preliminary Investigation Systems In Respect Of Alleged Violations Of International Human Rights And/Or Humanitarian Law
. Ghouta Sarin Attack, Syria 2013
Lack of pharmacological proof of a sarin attack at damascus
. Habeas Corpus - denial of counsel
Guantanamó detainees denied access to counsel
. Humanitarian-intervention
To what extent does the UN Charter permit legitimate violation of the sovereignty of another state, in the absence of international armed conflict or acts of self defence? - Short discussion paper.
. ICC Prosecutor - Situation in Iraq/UK
Conclusion of the preliminary examination into the situation in Iraq/United Kingdom (UK).
. Independence of judges and lawyers
Report focuses on the administration of justice through military tribunals. In many countries, the use of military tribunals raises serious concerns in terms of access to justice, impunity for past human rights abuses perpetrated by military regimes, the independence and impartiality of the judiciary and respect for fair trial guarantees for the defendant.
Statement to General Assembly, 28 October 2013 (463k)
. Independent Review of Prevent
Report By William Shawcross CVO, stating that the facts clearly demonstrate that the most lethal terrorist threat in the last 20 years has come from Islamism, and this threat continues.February 2023 (1.47MB)
. Individuals and Rights
Individuals and Rights - The Sour Grapes - The European Journal of International Law 2010, Vol. 21 no. 2
. Judge Advocate General - Sentencing in the Court Martial
Guide to sentencing in the Court Martial - Version 5 (January 2018)
. Judicial Independence At Risk
Critical Issues regarding the Crime of Aggression Raised by Selected Human Rights Organizations, by Leonie von Braun and Annelen Micus
Juries - A Comparison of Criminal Jury Decision
A Comparison of Criminal Jury Decision Rules in Democratic Countries, as at 2007 (dealing with ability to deliver a simple majority decision), by Ethan J. Leib
. Kosovo independence
Discussion Paper by Aspals
. Law And Military Operations
Address by Lord Justice Gross Senior Presiding Judge For England And Wales to the RAF Legal Services Conference 18th September 2014
. Law of command responsibility
Extract from Oxford University Press, 2009. Pp. 307
. Legal Opinion on Extraordinary Rendition
Legal opinion provided to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition on detainee-handovers by UK forces
. Letter from PRs of UK and US re Iraq Disarmament
Letter from the Permanent Representatives of the UK and the US to ensure the complete disarmament of Iraq of weapons of mass destruction
. Lord Goldsmith - Iraq Advice
Iraq Advice, 7 March 2003 by Lord Goldsmith
. Lord Goldsmith - Iraq Advice (2)
Advice on use of force against Iraq, 30 July 2002
. Manual of Military Law, Edition 12, Part 1
Amendment No.21 to the Manual of Military Law
. Manual of Military Law, Part 2
The Civilian Supplement to the Manual of Military Law
. Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (USA)
The US Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act: the continuing problem of criminal jurisdiction over civilians accompanying the armed forces abroad - problem solved?
. Minsk 2 Agreement
Signed copy of the original agreement
. Misconduct in public office
3 December 2020 Law Commission paper, presented to Parliament December 2020
. Mission Impossible - Counsel Magazine
Mission Impossible? Article by Anthony Paphiti concerning the case of Al Sadoon and Mufti
. MOU between UK and Afghanistan
Memorandum Of Understanding Between The United Kingdom And Afghanistan concerning transfer by the UK Armed Forces to Afghan authorities of persons detained in Afghanistan
. Naert - Accountability
Accountability For Violations Of Human Rights Law By EU Forces
. OPCW: Reassessing CBRN Threats in a Changing Global Environment
The role of the OPCW and the Syrian conflict: How the OPCW can develop its cooperation with states parties. By Âke Sellström, at pp26-31
. Operation Northwoods
US Joint Chiefs Draft Plan to use false flag ops to attack Cuba (1962)
. Parks - Non-standard Uniform
Special Forces' Wear of Non-Standard Uniforms, by Col Hayes Parks (see also the corrigenda file
. QRs(Army) - Amdt 30
This is the latest available update we have
. Rebuilding America's Defenses
Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century. Report by The Project for the New American Century (2000)
. ROE Maritime
Interoperability of Rules of Engagement in Multinational Maritime Operations (October 1995)
. Russia Report
Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament report of 21 July 2020, concerning intellignece activity
. Short War, Long Shadow - The Political and Military Legacies of the 2011 Libya Campaign
RUSI Report, edited by Adrian Johnson and Saqeb Mueen. The adverse impact mission creep had upon R2P
. Staggering to war in the Falklands
Staggering to War in the Falklands? Proceedings Magazine - October 2010 Vol. 136/10/1, 292
. State Bystander Responsibility
International human rights law requires states to protect people from abuses committed by third parties.
. Tallinn Manual - First Edition
The first edition of the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare (searchable)
. Torture - Judicial View
Article by Lord Hope, ICLQ, Vol 53, October 2004, pp807-832
. Towards a philosophical account of crimes against humanity
Towards a Philosophical Account of Crimes Against Humanity - Christopher Macleod
. UK armed forces legal framework of operations
Report of Defence Select Committee into legal review/challenge of combat decisions
. Unlawful Command Influence
2001 Judge Advocate Officer Advanced Course - indexed file
. UNSCR 1483
Iraq Conflict - Resolution 1483 (2003)
. UNSCR 1546
Iraq Conflict - Resolution 1546 (2004)
. Use of force in international law
The use of force in international law after Iraq, by Jutta Brunée and Stephen Toope ICLQ, vol 53, October 2004 pp 785-806