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A selection of some of the available research materials can be viewed here. This sheet can be accessed free of charge and, if you have a password, its contents linked to directly. It is well worth a look.

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  • Year:  Use this option for listing all articles published in that year.

  • Title:  Search the title of articles in the database. If the full title does not produce a result, use a key word to search. For example, searching for The UN and Libya: Intervention or Interference by Qureshi QC will not produce a result. But searching for a keyword, such as Libya or Intervention would produce all articles including that word in their title.

  • Author:  Try using the surname of the author rather than a full name. Some titles are listed with initials for the forenames.

  • Reference:   If you want to search for a particular publication, then this option will list all items appearing in it within the database. Again, use a keyword.

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