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2 October 2016: 
It looks like Sweden is to reintroduce conscription, only 6 years after abolishing it. This is because "volunteers are not sufficient to supply either the quality or quantity of soldiers". With recruitment problemsin the UK, could we be headed in the same direction? Here is the [link].     Anthony
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20 May: 
Conscription sounds like a good idea but it is very expensive because many of those trained do not stay to serve on. It's a good way of instilling common values and standards, but not really effective in producing regular soldiers. That's the arguments I heard about why it was scrapped.     Thinners
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17 May: 
prince harry said hes in favor of conscription. it sounds like a good idea to me. he benefited from a stint in the army and so will others. it did no harm to young men when it was in force before.     pete
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